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High quality of pressure motor is applied 

All in one block oil flow control valve

High effective in hardening at narrow ditch

High effective in hardening of simple road works



Labor-intensive hand compaction techniques are no match for TOPA compactor.

With TOPA compactor, you won't have to shore the trench and you can compact 2 to 4 feets of backfill lift on one pass. Compare that to a 6-inch lift for hand-held units



There is no better way to compact on inclines or hard to reach areas than with TOPA compactor.

In areas where hand-held units can't work and are too steep for rollers, count on your TOPA compactor.



Driving piles is another application for your TOPA compactor by putting it to work driving materials such as piles, posts, sheeting, I-beams, soldier piling, quard rail posts, contact TOPA for addtional details.

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